How safe is Morocco travel
how safe is morocco travel

How safe is Morocco travel

how is safe morocco travel


Morocco is a fascinating country to discover. Magnificent monuments, pristine beaches, impressive buildings, picturesque streets, and moving cities are part of what makes the country so diverse and fun to explore.


However, like any other Islamic country in North Africa, life in Morocco is different from that in the West, which can lead to security concerns for travellers. In the following sections, we will examine the main security issues in Morocco and offer you many practical and simple solutions to help you deal with these issues during your stay.

Food and water in morocco

As in any other foreign country, local food (especially street food) is not cooked well in the same stomach conditions. For this reason, know where to choose a street food experience. In general, the Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, the Scala de Port in Essaouira, and the port of Agadir are safe places to explore the local flavours of Morocco.

In many manuals, only bottled water recommended. However, most tap water is safe to drink, as tank systems are well maintained (and relatively new) across the country. While drinking bottled water is fine, our team has worked with an international organization called TAP. We recommend that you take a small filter mechanism or a Steri-Pen with you to treat the water while you swallow it. Travellers are also advised not to eat raw fruits and vegetables that have not been washed or peeled to avoid stomach upset during the trip.

Health problems

Health should not be a big problem for those wishing to travel to Morocco. As an almost malaria-free country, you have not to worry about mosquito bites. Still, you can take the usual precautions to be safe (for example, wear light clothing and use insect repellents during the hottest months. hot). Hot, etc.)

There is no need to introduce a vaccine to enter the country, but polio and tetanus vaccine recommended. If you want to be as safe as possible, we recommend using typhoid and hepatitis A (and even hepatitis B) vaccine.

Crime in Morocco

In general, crime does not pose a serious threat to tourism opportunities in Morocco. Thieves and pranksters are also tourists. The most challenging way to avoid and continue to enjoy your stay in Morocco is to refuse your services politely and to adequately protected from foreigners.

The main concern of tourists in Morocco is the popularity of fake guides. Despite the low numbers due to the brilliant work of the tourist brigade, there are still many opportunistic men roaming the streets of popular hot spots waiting for the perfect traveller to verify. However, there are effective ways to identify incorrect instructions because they generally use some of these or similar methods:

Many claims to be students when they turn to you and tell you that they just want to practice their English and discover your culture. If you follow them, you will always find yourself in a store where you feel you have to make a purchase.

Others may call you to help you translate the English language during the conversation.

If you take it to these stores, sellers can offer you a “gift” Do not accept this because a group of people will wait to approach you, accusing you of looting and extorting money.

False clues will always tell you that everything and everything is “closed,” so you should follow it.

A bus and train stations, false evidence can tell you that cancellation has occurred or that you cannot travel on a specific bus or train that expects to get high taxi fare.

If you find any incorrect, misleading, or misleading title trying to trick you, here are some of the best ways to avoid this without causing problems:

Avoid eye contact and ignore it. That is usually enough to fold them.

In case of contact with eyes, dispose of them, and remove them further.

If they keep getting close to you, a quick and gentle retreat is an effective way to avoid them.

If you are persistent, don’t be afraid to say no. You can say “El” (the Arabic word for “no”) to not disclose your mother tongue.

However, ignoring false roles and guides is the best option. If you talk to them, they have already passed the first step.

Generally, for security reasons, it is best not to accept the services of the people calling you and avoid contacting the eye when you see someone approaching you. Once these people start talking, getting rid of them can be difficult because it’s their way of making a living. However, the moving company cannot sign miracles.

Keep in mind that most tourist crimes are the main tourist sites in cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, Fes, and Rabat. Pay special attention to these tips when visiting these areas.

Civil war and terrorism

Civil war is rare in Morocco. Between 2011 and 2012, tens of thousands of people across the country met in some peaceful protests, but violence between police and protesters was intermittent.


Internal terrorist attacks were a severe problem at the turn of the millennium. Still, they also became less frequent because Moroccan security services increasingly focused on finding and stopping possible terrorist cells before starting the service.


In general, Moroccan governments of the world were cautious when travelling to Morocco, which is necessary for all the countries visited. This advice is often broad and vague to the point that it does not provide relevant information. Moroccans do not want political instability as a people, and although they criticize the government in several ways, most Moroccans support the modern and progressive king, Mohamed VI. Therefore, Morocco is very politically stable and has been an excellent example of solidarity in the region for decades. Individual incidents can occur in all countries (such as in the United States, France, and other countries). Still, when an accident occurs in a Muslim country, it is more visible and immediately unstable.

In fact, like most people in the world, Moroccans are peace-loving people and oppose any group or individual that seeks to break the peace. Moroccan and Moroccan officials generally make an excellent contribution to preserve the unity of the country. Each country in the world is very different from the other, and the uprising events or terrorist attacks in Algeria, Tunisia, or France have barely affected the stability of Morocco. We encourage travellers to think outside the box and rely on our local team to address current problems (Ebola, events in France, Tunisia, or Boston, including perceived threats) that the media cannot explore/exacerbate the real danger to the arriving travellers. In Morocco And if an accident occurs, most of them are undiscovered people who can sneak through the cracks to reach their intelligent target.

As an American, Canadian, or European (or even anywhere), honest, friendly, and open, Moroccans will receive it in Morocco. It is not directed or differentiated from terrorist acts. We believe that large tourist buses have a high risk (although very low) compared to the most intimate private trips we organize in Morocco. You are in good hands with our drivers, guides, and experts instantly. We are serious about our commitment to provide you with a unique, safe, and unique experience, and we ask many travellers. They trust that we will do our best. It is difficult to predict the entire world. Thanks to the thickness and finish, we continue working as usual, with greater awareness, but without fear. Morocco is a very safe country to travel and live for travellers and residents.


The drug

For centuries, people in Morocco have enjoyed cannabis, or as it called locally. Especially in the Rif Mountains, where most of the grass is grown, it is not common to find men who smoke cannabis. Despite the usual practice of smoking in the country, drugs are illegal and can lead to a violation of prison law for up to ten years in a hostile Moroccan prison.

Since cannabis has become a multi-billion dollar industry, the government has not taken serious measures to end drug trafficking, and the most common sanctions are foreign travellers who smoke or harass the streets.

If you are in the last position, check if you can pay a fine immediately. If you cannot avoid going to the police with a local police station, do not sign documents that you do not understand. Make sure you have an interpreter and a lawyer and contact the embassy as soon as possible. If you are giving a trial date and you are discharging, consider leaving.


Road safety

The quality of the roads in Morocco varies throughout the country and the year. From lethal roads to secondary roads that are difficult to maintain, traffic safety depends on the time of year, since heavy rains or snow can create more dangerous driving conditions.

Drivers are known to be more volatile and that all types of cars, from bikes to donkeys, are legally allowed to share the road. Road accidents are a severe problem in Morocco, so you have to be very careful while driving all over the country.

Is it safe for children to travel to Morocco?

Moroccan society is very family-oriented and is present, especially if you travel to Morocco with your family and young children. The family is a priority for Moroccans and elderly relatives, for children who use the road to the road.

If you travel with your young children, you may notice a more friendly attitude than locals when people feel this is a cooperative behaviour. You should not feel uncomfortable or insecure. Morocco has a very appropriate culture for children, and it can be useful to communicate with your children and get to know the Moroccan lifestyle directly.


Is it safe for Jewish travellers in Morocco?

Morocco has always been a culturally diverse country, and since its inception, many people have launched their country. Although it is an Arab-Muslim country today, the Jewish and Berber people of origin preceded Arab immigration and made a significant contribution to the history of Morocco’s legacy, 

For centuries, the Muslim, Jewish, and Berber population have lived together in peace and respect for different religions, customs, and traditions. Less than half a century ago, Morocco was home to the largest Jewish population in the Arab world, where more than half a million Jews live freely in the Kingdom of Morocco. Around 2,500 people are still alive today, but their legacy is unreachable.

Above all, Morocco has always tried to be a location. This acceptance enables Jewish travellers to visit and learn more about the incredibly diverse history of this country

Is it safe for women in Morocco?

In Morocco, gender roles are particular, and traditional visions of patriarchy are widespread.

Moroccan women have little contact with women outside their families as they grow older, and this, along with misunderstanding about western sex, can sometimes lead to poor ageing of the procedure. And Western women’s behaviour. Catcalls and some obscene comments can be direct at Moroccan and foreign women. The best answer is to ignore these comments simply. It’s rare for things to take a step forward, but if sexual harassment becomes physically, feel free to respond at home: screaming and screaming and asking for help are acceptable and helpful options. Especially when he says, “Ha Shoma!” Call “Unfortunately!” If possible, they will inform the local tourist brigade of the parcel.

Some practical advice for women travelling to Morocco:

Use common sense: although this applies to express travel abroad, it is especially suitable for women travelling to Morocco. Be careful, try to follow most local customs and biting before visiting, so make sure you get the most information possible.
Wearing modest clothing: put on a blanket that covers the knees and shoulders. If you feel comfortable doing this, you can help avoid such unpleasant situations even in big cities.
See yourself with confidence: when you walk into the old cities (the old towns), young people can stop you with a look of trust and purpose in your eyes rather than confusion.
Acting appropriately: Men and women have stringent response codes. Avoid heavy eye contact, especially any type of communication, as there may be problems for Moroccan men.
Refers to “your husband”: If the conversation with a Moroccan makes you feel uncomfortable, mention your “close husband.” Regardless of whether or not you accompany your men’s journey, your husband protects you from unwanted troubles.
Shut up: ignoring sexual comments can be difficult, especially for women who have never encountered this behaviour before, but the best way to deal with it is to remain calm. There is no need for fear, and it would be a shame to let the uncomfortable situation ruin the entire journey
Although Morocco is still a conservative country in terms of gender roles, changes are underway. Nowadays, many women do not wear a full veil, while some opt for a simple cover. Other young women drink wine in quality bars with a mixed group of friends. However, the rural areas are more conservative than international cities like Marrakech and Fes. It is, therefore, advisable to follow the instructions above to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Travelling through Morocco (by reading further on our blog) can be a more inspiring experience for women than for men. However, fear of sexual harassment is no reason to avoid a trip to this beautiful country. It may or may not happen to you, but remember that Islam or any respected Moroccan who tolerates sexual harassment will help you understand that the situation is not a threat at all.

Is Morocco safe?

In general, Morocco is a safe country to explore. Moroccans are known for being friendly and tolerant, which makes travelling around the country more enjoyable. However, due to the conservative nature of the local culture, traditional customs must be followed in public places to avoid adverse situations. As in many other countries, tourists are a particular target for pickpockets and fake travel guides, so it makes sense to take care of their surroundings and their property.


You don’t have to be afraid of a trip to Morocco. Staying calm and wanting to trust and avoid occasional visits to cats are real situations that will make your stay in Morocco an experience that you remember for the right reasons.

how safe is morocco travel
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