How will travel change after Corona
How will travel change after Corona

How will travel change after Corona

How will travel change after Corona


Corona changed our lives overnight, and the change covered all aspects of life, and travel or tourism was no exception.

airline travel in corona time

Many airlines have been forced to make significant cuts to their flights, if not cancel them altogether, as a result of the closure of border countries for fear of an outbreak of the Coronavirus. According to an article by writer Christopher Elliot in the American Forbes magazine, the travel sector will witness significant changes in the coming period, due to the emerging Coronavirus. A new survey by travel services company LuggageHero said 58 per cent of Americans plan to travel between May and September 2020, as long as their destinations are not subject to quarantine

how the plan travel will be after corona

The study pointed out that despite the high number of travel planners, they consider their personal safety, as a quarter of the study participants will try to avoid major cities and public transportation. And 21 per cent of respondents chose to travel abroad. Elliott, for his part, said that people would tend to stay within their own countries, where many will brag about foreign travel, in preference to their safety and security. Elliott noted that even if people decide to travel, they will not choose places far from their homes, and driving will be better for them compared to flying or sailing. Wayne Smith, head of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Charleston College, predicted, on his part, that tourist attractions would begin to return with an intensive recovery program when the Corona Virus crisis wears off. Smith advised planners to travel, not to look for reduced prices, as tourism companies would search for better service instead of a low price. Sophie Anderson, an Australian tourism company marketing expert, is not optimistic about Smith himself, seeing that the impact of the current crisis will drag on and lead to bankruptcies in the tourism sector.

Travel advise after a crisis

Elliott puts several tips at the end of his article, for those who wish to travel after the Corona crisis has eased:

1- Do not focus exclusively on travel, but search in return for the type and value of the service, such as whether tourism companies will provide tickets at an attractive price, or will they include meals.


2- Search for tourist companies and well-known brands, and avoid companies that place exaggerated offers, as many companies subject to bankruptcy will resort to irrational offers.


3- Think about a travel insurance policy with a good reputation, as it will protect you in the event of the bankruptcy of your sponsoring tourist company. If you cannot find a good policy, you can use a credit card to buy, as it will provide you with protection from any financial hardship.

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