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Morocco magic travel

morocco magic travel


At Visiting Morocco, we want to show you our Moroccan magic through our eyes. Therefore, each visitor activity that we offer must bring something special, an unforgettable experience that characterizes its spirit. Because we believe that discovering a country through its culture, population, nature, and daily life are much more than just visiting the most important places and monuments. Get ready to experience the Moroccan  with a Morocco travel agency.

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The specialized cultural traveler in Morocco is your partner to create stimulating paths in this beautiful and unknown country. Have you ever dreamed of riding camels and thinking about the endless desert sand? Are you fascinated by dynamic markets, vibrant fabrics, and friendly local cultures? Morocco is probably first on your wish list.

Various trips are tailoring to your interests and schedule. Our luxurious trip to Morocco, a 10-day exploration circuit, carefully explores famous imperial cities like Casablanca, Fez, Rabat, and Marrakech. The experience ends with a stay in the desert, visiting the magnificent oases and reeds. Click here to request more information.

Marrakech, the “red city,” offers a world unto itself. The blue color of Yves Saint Laurent surrounds the exotic setting of Le Jardin Majorelle; the Ben Youssef school highlights the subtleties of Moroccan architecture and Moroccan design, Gemma El Fina lives on but radiates the magic of snakes, fire and storytellers nocturnal.

We all know that Morocco is known for its natural beauty like the golden desert sand, beaches, squares, etc. Today we would like to introduce you to some magical cities in Morocco that you should visit if you are having fun and want to have fun with friends or family. Even if you travel to Morocco alone, you will quickly find new friends who will make you feel at home in your family. So let’s explore these cities:

This city has a generally sunny climate, which will help you visit and experience street food like snails scattered in Moroccan cities. In addition to grilled dishes and fruit juices, where you can find them, it is a portion of popular street food, a large plaza called Jemaa El-Fna, especially at night. In Marrakech, you cannot stay in a hotel, but in a traditional riad. You will feel at home and feel more comfortable than if you were in a hotel.

things to do in Fez

It is an ancient city in Morocco that is characterized by its architecture. It has the University of Al-Karaouine, the oldest university in Morocco, El-Mallah, or the Jewish Quarter. In Fes, you will find the best clothes and bags in animal skin with my own hands.


In this city, you will find yourself in a quiet and beautiful place, even if the streets are narrow. Here in Essaouira, you will find that the houses are painted red and blue. The city is known for its high-quality fish restaurants and the Gnaoua international music festival that takes place every June.

desert of morocco

merzouge desert  It is a small town that you can see as a gateway to the desert where you will find many operators of beauty safaris. You can go to Merzouga without trying to put your body in the sand to feel as comfortable as any visitor.

Chefchaouen the blue city of morocco

Although this city is small but attractive, in the town, you will find that all the homes and streets are blue and white painted, which gives the city. A bright light. In addition to this name, the city was also called Blue Pearl. Many hotels have built to provide tourists with greater comfort.


in the capital of Ismailia, and the ancient city is surrounded by a massive wall called the Ismaili Wall, which built to protect the city. It has large doors like the Mansour door. It is a large square called Lhdim. They want food, drinks, and animals like monkeys and horses. It is like the square of Marrakech. They also have one of the most confusing places, the Qara prison. They say there is no end and that all the people who enter this place can never return and that all the people who have discovered the term have never returned. ,

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