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the tour offer for you to visit two famous Tourist city in morocco Fes casablanca and Marrakech with an overnight in the desert camp

6 days  tour to imperial cities and the desert from casablanca to . Enjoy the best camel trek in approximately 1-hour camel ride & overnight in a nomadic desert camp

Exploring the moroccan life and moroccan imperial citits in 5 days   Experience The north of Morocco starting from casablanca.

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Our Morocco Tours departing from Casablanca will introduce you to the history of the imperial cities, Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakech, as well as the richness of our Moroccan heritage. and morocco desert

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Morocco desert tour from casablanca

Morocco travel agencyThey allow you to explore the beautiful landscapes of southern Morocco between the Atlas mountains, valleys and large dunes of Merzouga or those of Chegaga.

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  • Morocco travel agency drivers are all skilled and friendly drivers who will be keen to help you discover the wonders of their local Morocco. They speak English or French.
  • 4X4s have a capacity of 6 people maximum, the ideal being 5 people for more comfort. All this in addition to the local driver. It is the ideal means of transport for visits to Morocco with family or friends. Whether you are leaving from Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice or Nantes, all roads lead to Morocco.
  • The mini vans have a capacity of 6 to 16 people, in addition to the driver, which makes them the ideal means of transport at the best price for group trips.

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