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Things you must know before traveling to Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful country that tempts you to visit, it has many things and interesting places, you find it noisy but beautiful, crowded but wonderful, old but modern, this is how you will find in Morocco everything on your mind, and perhaps a trip there between the markets, ancient cities and coastal destinations will give you many memories That you can not forget, just pack your bags and go to visit this beautiful country that suits everyone of all ages and budgets, but before the visit know things you should know before traveling to Morocco so that you have a comfortable and happy trip.

Currency and cost

There are many things that you must take into account when traveling to Morocco, and perhaps the most important of them are related to currency and costs, so you must know that while many shops accept credit cards, most of the street vendors, mini markets and taxis are not. Be sure to have a local currency with you as much as you can spend, bearing in mind that prices in Morocco are not very cheap.


If you are shopping to buy something from the market, you must learn how to bargain to avoid spending a lot of your money, especially since the sellers in the markets of Morocco usually exaggerate the price on tourists, so by bartering or bargaining you will save a lot of money and you will get the products you want at prices Appropriate, try to reduce the price from the price the seller offered you, and if he refuses to pretend to leave, so that you can show that you do not want to buy and then succeed in reducing the price.


Moroccans speak different languages, including English, French, Arabic and Berber, but you will also be able to communicate easily if you speak the English language, which is commonly used especially in large areas, but perhaps, you will need an interpreter, especially in rural areas of Morocco.

Be careful of the water you use

To stay safe, do not drink tap water in Morocco, just drink bottled water, also, avoid using any types of ice outside, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Ask before taking pictures

When walking through markets in Morocco, do not work on taking photographs of people and shops unless you are going to buy something from them. They may get angry at that and ask for money in exchange for the pictures. One tourist says, when we took pictures of snake magicians, we paid the exaggerated money in exchange for that. To avoid hassle, it is a good idea to first agree on a specific price before taking a photo, with permission required at first if you are photographing people and locals.


Leather and carpets are well known in Fez, while perfumes, oils and spices (such as saffron) are popular in Marrakesh, although if you are buying saffron or something else, make sure that you are buying the original product and not the imitation by experiencing and showing the knowledge to the seller.

The ancient cities of Morocco

In Moroccan cities and other North African cities, the ancient cities contain many narrow winding alleys and main streets, so it is preferable to be aware of the place well so that you do not lose the road, and do not hesitate to ask the locals if you need something, and there is no objection to asking them about the best Tourist places and hidden landmarks in different cities.

Visit a barbarian village

Hundreds of villages are scattered throughout the mountains that surround Marrakech, and for a small fee, you can hire a tour guide who will lead you to one of the villages and arrange a one-night stay with a Moroccan family amidst the authentic Moroccan traditions.

the food

When visiting Morocco, you do not miss eating in the night market and also in the cafes that overlook the main square, all of which are delicious and much cheaper than eating in the most famous restaurants that are mostly located in new cities or in luxury hotels, you should also try drinking mint tea, Which is very popular with tourists and locals as well.

Morocco is a wonderful country

In just a few hours from the major Arab and European cities, Morocco opens its doors to all types of visitors with stunning colors, gorgeous architecture, bustling markets, stunning mosques, coastal white cities adorning the sea, medieval city centers, as well as a stunning panoramic viewer that varies from peaks Covered with snow in the High Atlas to the endless sand dunes of the Sahara.


Casablanca may be the most famous city among the Moroccan cities and it is home to a huge number of wonderful tourist attractions, including the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa, as well as that many travelers head to visit this vibrant city in search of the traditional Moroccan experience, The impressive architecture is impressive.

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