morocco travel experience
morocco travel experience

morocco travel experience

morocco travel experience


Traveling to Morocco can be hard for some travelers. that’s why we want to share some morocco travel experience on some Activities tour,  Morocco Travel agency helps travelers to plan, discover and book the best tours in Morocco. Happy about sharing our exceptional history, culture and everyday life morocco travel, we created the best  experience morocco tours to help you enjoy your time in Morocco and find what you want. awesome traveler

honeymoon morocco travel

We were in Morocco for our honeymoon in February. We have tried a lot to take a CTM bus and so on, but the unforgettable part of our trip was the 4-day trip We had a personal car for both of us. Omar morocco tour guide was excellent. He was efficient and kind. Including sharing the best places to take pictures etc. We appreciate your patience and advice in planning a 4-day trip. We were cautious, afraid of the location of residence, and the boy loved all the places we slept. The desert was the most anticipated part of our trip, and frankly, this group of tourists did everything they could ask. Thank you, Moroccan Travel Agency, for everything.

4-days desert tours in morocco

Immediately we were captured by our amazing Moroccan tour guide Omar. During the 4-day trip, we felt like a family. We take it day by day, explain the strengths of the areas we visit and make sure we are safe. I cannot say enough beautiful things about this young man! We enjoyed his company of travelling and felt glad to meet him. The scenes and views where we stopped were terrific, and we continued on our way. One of the highlights of the stay was the panorama hotel in Dades George, where dining was an unexpected treat. And of course the dunes of Erg Chebbi. The camel ride was weird and fun, and you will feel like you’re in a movie. Go to the luxury camp in the desert of Morocco, it is new, and you will not regret it. It is spotless, comfortable and generous. Thanks for the hospitality and good music under the fire, under the full moon and bright stars. Staying in Kaenz Errimal in Merzouga with Said, the hotel was very comfortable and enjoyable. The last day north of Fez was also amazing. You are not looking for any other company; you will not find a better way to see this beautiful country!

3-days tours from Marrakech to Sahara desert

From my experience in Morocco, I recommend this trip. Our tour guide Omar was terrific. He was very kind, helpful and friendly. Spending the night in the desert was a great experience, and the tents we stayed in were better than hotels and dinner in the desert was good too. I recommend driving with this travel agency – excellent contact once you send an email and send the desert trip instantly to inform us of meeting times, etc. I recommend visiting Chefchaouen and Rabat when visiting Morocco, as these places were great.

morocco desert tours

We made a unique desert tour, and it was a great experience! We had friendly and helpful guides from the first day. We stopped other stations that were not on the list (like visiting Atlas Studios, taking a break to buy things from the pharmacy, etc.) and we were shocked by the careful attention. Last night at the hotel it was delightful, we had dinner by the fireplace and enjoyed music with the locals. The stars were incredible. Our stay in the camp was also a pleasant surprise, as there are candlelit trails and a beautiful night tour of the moon and the stars.

We always felt safe and ate delicious food. I also forgot my truck shoes when we left Marrakech. I was thrilled to receive them by email from Morocco to Mexico, and they did not charge me any FEZ. We also learned some Arabic languages ​​ some of them, of course, but they are pleased to share the language and culture. It was a great visit and, above all, excellent service. I can only recommend this company. You no longer need to search. I want to book again on my next trip to Morocco, and frankly, I just left a tip we just made.

all about the morocco tour guide

The circuits of 3 or 4 days from and to Marrakech and Fez have the same route. What sets tour operators apart from each other are travel guides, accommodation options, vehicles and connections. Our guide Mohamed was fantastic, we loved all the places we stayed overnight, the car was clean and comfortable, and the owner was always quick to respond to WhatsApp when planning the trip and changes.

I cannot congratulate Mohamed, who made our fantastic trip! I feel like we ended the tour with a new friend. I know we paid for it, but I never felt like I did. There are people in the tourism industry, and that is one of them. Someday you may or may not attend your wedding, it was our tour, and he did everything he could to provide us with exactly what we wanted. Anyone who asks me for advice on visiting Morocco is the first thing I will say to call a Moroccan travel agency and ask Omar morocco tour guide.

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morocco travel experience
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