morocco travel warning
morocco travel warning

morocco travel warning

morocco travel warning


As in any other country, it is necessary to take some precautions when travelling to Morocco. Although Morocco is known for its hospitality and caring for its clients, it does have flaws and can be dangerous if you are not careful.


Historic cities are part of most of the cities in the country. In the ancient towns, you will find curved and curved streets with many markets, shops, restaurants and houses on the road, and you will see very close to each other and possibly more intimate than you think. It is interesting to explore the cities, but there is one caveat: you may want to avoid Fez. It is shallow and was considered dangerous at times. If you have to go there, go with a guide and do not think outside the box. Stay where there are so many people.


Public transportation can be successful when it comes to using less money and travelling long distances, but you can lose if you want to rest. Buses in capitals are generally old and full; you won’t appreciate them.

Another option for public transportation is the use of small taxis, which are very popular in the country. These small taxis can accommodate up to 3 people and are relatively inexpensive. Be sure to negotiate the price in advance before paying any surplus after arrival.

Is morocco safe for solo female travellers?

Morocco should be good enough for solo travellers, as long as they don’t wear very torn clothes and wander around the city alone at night. Despite these precautions, single travellers will sometimes encounter problems in Morocco. It’s part of the culture and can be helpful, but street conflicts can also feel threatened.

If some scammers see you stop to look at your phone and look a little lost on your way to a popular attraction, like tanneries, they will come to you and help you. But his fate will ask him a ridiculous amount of money for the five minutes it takes to help him, and he will not leave until he gives them advice.

My best advice when travelling alone is to ignore any man approaching the street or politely showing the road somewhere.

It is better to politely ignore anyone who catches your eye when walking in the streets of Morocco.


traveling Morocco is somewhat disease-free, and there are no specific vaccines recommended by medical and health organizations to take before admission. If your itinerary includes many outdoor trips, it may be best to vaccinate rabies before starting your journey to Morocco. Travellers should also be tired of the adverse effects that high altitudes can have on the human body, which can include severe mountain sickness. Therefore, care must take when travelling in the Atlas Mountains.

Visiting Morocco in Summer

Moroccan climate is as varied as its geography. From the cold Atlas Mountains to the merciless, hot desert that leads through the stormy coastal region, the weather varies widely across the country. It is healthier in the summer. Morocco generally has a subtropical climate. Temperatures can range from 5 ° C (41 ° F) in winter to 50 ° C at the boiling point (120 ° F) in mid-summer in the desert.


The Moroccan coastal region has a more temperate climate, tempered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Here, the average high summer temperatures are between 29 ° C and 32 ° C. The further the coast is, the higher the temperature. Marrakech, for example, has a semi-arid climate with low summer rainfall (for a total of 2mm). Average high temperatures are between 31 ° C and 36.5 ° C between June and August. The Mediterranean climate in Fez means that the city rains a little more than Marrakech. Still, temperatures continue to rise in summer with an average of 35 ° C. But the Sahara takes the crown in the best place in Morocco: in the heat of summer, the average temperature is 38 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the sand can easily exceed 80 degrees Celsiu

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