tips for morocco travel
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tips for morocco travel

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tips for morocco travel


Morocco has long been indispensable. The bright and colorful pictures of the country always seemed attractive, and the Sahara was something I only saw in the films. Due to the proximity of Morocco to Europe.


As soon as you cross the border, you will be taken to another world. As magical as it is, here are some Moroccan travel tips you should read before you leave.

language skills

Moroccan Arabic Darija is the official language of Morocco. Berbers are entirely different from Arabic and are spoken by Berbers. Here is the French, which many Moroccans talk fluently. If you travel to the north of Morocco near Spain, many locals will likely speak the Spanish language.


There are many languages in the country. One of the tips I made for trips to Morocco is to check out the foreign languages of the school because this will make your experience more enjoyable.

taking a local bus

There are three main modes of transportation in Morocco: trains, coaches, and taxis. You have two bus options: driving on-site or choosing a private bus company. One of the best travel tips for Morocco is to save yourself and pay with a private tour.

Local buses are accessible, they cross the area and literally stop along the road. Supratours and CTM are two private bus companies that are still cheap for western conditions and offer much better comfort.

What You Wear

Every time I speak, I receive negative comments and imagine that it will not be any different. In Morocco, you can wear whatever you want. Especially true in large cities. However, you should also know that the less you use, the more attention you will gain.

I covered except for my hands, my feet, my face, and I keep posting me on the street. Imagine what happens when a girl wears shorts and booty. Dress with respect for the locals.

You have not to wear a scarf or shorts with a sleeveless shirt. If you want respect and want to follow this step, cover your arms, chest, and legs, and wear a scarf. Otherwise, this is not necessary and can be considered abusive.


When you go to disco or billiards, wear whatever you like

Urban and Rural Morocco are two different things.

What you will experience in Marrakech will be completely different from what you will see in a city in the Atlas Mountains. Most rural communities are more conservative in terms of gender interactions and expectations. They may be more skeptical than strangers, but they are also generous and welcome.


When you visit someone’s home, you must present a gift. It is not planned in any way, but these are sweet gestures. Small things like cookies or chocolate are always amicable. You also notice that people love words in your country or in your country. If you are at home or having lunch, this little gift is so beautiful.

Female morocco travelers

In big cities like Rabat and Casablanca, women have more freedom to wear what they want, but in small towns, women wear more conservative clothes. Visitors are asking to cover their shoulders, elbows, and knees. Long linen and cotton dresses are recommended.

Wearing sunglasses can help prevent unwanted eye contact. However, if you feel threatened or uncomfortable, go to a hotel or supermarket for a vacation. And if someone asks if you are married, say yes, it is more comfortable

love Riads

What is Riyadh? Riyadh is a traditional Moroccan hostel, and it is possible to stay in at least one riad during your visit to Morocco. The riad usually consists of two floors with a large open courtyard in the middle. The rooms are located on each side of the square. At first, I thought it was cute and funny, but after six weeks, I hated him more and more.


As the goddess of the wavy sun, she was annoyed by the lack of natural light in the rooms, and she was powerful. Everyone loves her.

Couscous on Fridays.

You will see this on every restaurant menu, but traditionally, on Friday

At the time, prepare the right things (not the package)

The thick semolina is manually wrapped in small granules for cooking and removed three times. Its color is pale, delicious, and creamy, served with vegetables and meat or fish.

Bread is carbohydrates


It is roasted in regular wood-burning stoves and is one of the five services in every region.

Morocco accommodation

Morocco has good housing options. There are private camps available near national parks. Camping is essential for many trips and excursions in the desert. Accommodations are popular as comfortable and affordable hotels. Many in Riyadh (a generic name for townhouses converted into hotels) offer elegant rooms around a central courtyard.

Consult your doctor or health travel clinic for advice on vaccinations. Drink only bottled or filtered water and do not rely on salads or unpeeled fruits.

Dogs in this area, especially the sheepdog, can be aggressive. If possible, bring a stick or prepare to throw a stone if it is too close.


Pickpockets occur in crowded places, although violent crime is rare. Many times, this bothers tourists or is under pressure to visit the shops of the old city, answer, and it will be fine.

Non-Muslims Aren't Allowed in Most Mosques in Morocco

Although many mosques around the world open at least part of its territory to non-Muslims, foreigners will find that most of them are outside the borders of Morocco. One of the few exceptions to the rule is the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, where you can walk on the terrace or pay for a tour inside.


But for the most part, you can only see the beautiful mosques in Morocco from the outside through the open door. It should not be forgotten that some Muslims find it disrespectful to photograph the exterior of mosques. So do not be surprised if you asked to abstain from voting.

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