travel morocco 2021
travel morocco 2021

travel morocco 2021

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Morocco, like the name that evokes palaces surrounded by sumptuous gardens, souks with incredible vitality, where talented artisans compete, parks with the scent of spices and roses, alleys buzzing with passers-by and painted horses like princesses on fantasia days, places where we meet every night to cool off and chat

But it would be a shame to stick to this theatrical setting. What is essential in Morocco is what happens behind the scenes. Thus, in a medina, it is by leaving the most sweeping streets that we meet the most improbable: here a shoemaker not stingy in anecdotes, there a tinsmith who will show you around his workshop, further on a mama who his pancakes on a stove in the street, elsewhere kids playing football against the walls, with whom you will exchange a few passes, Architecturally, it is also in the alleys that we find the most beautiful doors, those behind which flourish the most luxurious palaces.

Morocco will only reveal its secrets to you if you take the trouble to reach out to the other, the other who, luckily, here has a tremendous sense of hospitality.

Finally, Morocco also has magnificent landscapes, between sea and mountains (sometimes snowy), green valleys and fertile plains, desert plateaus that play with all the yellow, ocher, and red shades, not to mention the oases. Worthy of the most beautiful of mirages. Travelers in search of nature and wide-open spaces will be delighted.

Moroccan Travelers Info

Morocco’s borders have opened to foreign citizens who do not need a visa and have a confirmed reservation at a hotel establishment. All persons traveling to Morocco must present a negative PCR test of fewer than 48 hours and a serological test upon boarding.

Please note: as the situation may change at any time, it is advisable also to obtain information from the travel advice regularly updated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before any travel plan.

In Western Sahara (whose status is still unresolved), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against any travel along Mauritania’s border.

Good to know before going to Morocco:

What papers do I need to travel to Morocco?

To be able to travel to Moroccan territory, some entry formalities must take into account. A valid passport of at least three months from the date of entry into Morocco must present. As for the visa, European Union nationals are exempt.

What are the recommended vaccines before going to Morocco?

It is essential to learn about health recommendations before you leave. While no vaccine is compulsory for European travelers, certain vaccines are nevertheless strongly recommended before leaving for Morocco: universal vaccines (DTCP, hepatitis B), hepatitis A, typhoid fever, for extended stays or made in poor (even terrible) food hygiene conditions, or even rabies, a vaccine highly recommended in the event of prolonged rural stays.

What are the best seasons to go to Morocco?

Going to Morocco is possible all year round; each season offers different advantages. Check the weather and climate according to your destination. The best solution is to adapt the season to the region (or vice versa). However, outside the coast, spring is arguably the best time.

For the imperial cities (Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Rabat), spring and autumn are the best seasons. For the Saharan regions, it is better to leave between October and February.

What language do we speak in Morocco?

A little practical information, Arabic and Berber, are the most spoken languages in Morocco. In tourist areas, it is possible to communicate in French and English in Marrakech and Tangier. As for Spanish, it was found in the north of Morocco.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate has been stable for several years. 1 € is worth a little less than 11 dirhams (Dh).

What budget to plan for traveling to Morocco?

For a trip to Morocco, the budget to be expected is quite reasonable. There is an average of 75 € per day for two people. This budget includes a decent hotel, tours, and food. If you want to stay in a riad or a more luxurious hotel, you must plan a daily budget of 120 to 150 €.

What transport should you use to move around Morocco?

For travel morocco, different transport options are possible. The train is one of the most advantageous for traveling on principal Casablanca-Tangier-type axes. As for the buses, they crisscross the country to the most remote corners. Outside large cities, the car is nevertheless the means of transport, which guarantees the most autonomy while remaining at a reasonable price.

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