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travel morocco for photography

traveling morocco for photography


Photography tours in Morocco are very difficult for photographers. Although this is partly due to natural elements such as sand in the desert, Moroccans may find it challenging to take pictures.

That Moroccans tremble upon seeing a shutter. Sometimes they are aggressive, asking for money or asking you to delete the photo they took. Others are calmer, but they hide their faces. It is especially true for women across the country, whether in cities or small towns, especially Chefchaouen and the surrounding areas.

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But when you read this, there is no doubt that you have seen beautiful pictures of this beautiful country. So what’s inside? In some cases, aggressive tourists, whose cameras target the faces of people who do their daily work, have affected some residents, especially in urban areas such as Marrakesh and Fes. There is also a culturally negative attachment to images in most parts of the country. is how photographers cut their work for them. Here are some tips to help you take photos in Morocco:

General tips for photographing travel in Morocco
  • Tacky and tactful photographers ask for permission and sometimes suggest making new friends and have an enjoyable experience. All over the world, it is respectable to photograph a person or company before taking a photo. In general, foreigners on this street refuse. But they will be happier if you ask for it and you will never know. Sometimes someone says yes.
  • Most merchants agree to take a picture, especially if you have just spent money in their store.
  • If you are learning Moroccan Arabic, then this is the time to practice. Commonly, if you can ask for a picture of someone, you will have a better chance of success.
  • Sometimes, you will be required to pay, usually a 5-10Dh signal.
  • In Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech, it is customary to pay for the pictures of the artists. So they earn their money. However, if you spend time looking at the monkey dealers and snake charmers, you probably won’t like the way they treat their animals.
  • Go out in a magical moment for a quieter morning experience. Most cities do not wake up before ten in the morning.
  • Many people love selfies. Moroccans are no exception to selfie fashion. If you have experience with someone and want to tag it with that selfie person, stay away!
  • Street photography is the most challenging form of photography. Photographers do not forget to be patient. A good strategy is to hide in a quiet corner, assemble your photo carefully, and wait for the right person to arrive.
  • Be smiling and kind, and if someone struggles, be humble and apologize.
Gear Tips for tours Photography in Morocco
  • As with any excursion, we recommend that you decide in advance how much equipment you want to pack. In general, a right zoom lens such as 24mm to 105mm, in combination with an excellent primary lens, will do for most types of photography.
  • A telephoto lens can do a lot when taking pictures in a crowd and over long distances, even if the interaction between the photographer and the subject is lost, which can make photos fantastic.
  • Don’t save when creating SD cards. It is challenging to find high-speed SD cards in Morocco.
  • If you’re photographing a landscape, you’re probably not worried at all. Don’t hesitate to break the tripods and capture the scene.
  • Make sure you have rainwear. The plastic case is useful in the rain and to protect the camera from dust and sand in the desert.
  • If your camera has a silent shutter option, this can be a great way to be more hidden in the photo, although you should pay attention to the link to your photos.
  • The smartphone camera can work wonders. You are less likely to be disturbed when taking photos or videos on your phone.

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Photography in Morocco can be as demanding for professionals as it is for amateurs. However, if you follow the tips above, you have an excellent opportunity to take a photo that will make your friends at home jealous when posting updates on your trip. Remember that even if you shoot, it is not a war! Have fun, keep that smile on your face, and be as bearable as possible. In addition to the great adventure of patience that I brought with me, these articles are the best elements for any photographer. With a little sympathy, all the patience you can have, and a lot of appreciation, you can capture these Instagram moments.

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