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Excursions to Morocco from Spain

Thanks to the proximity between morocco and spain , it is highly recommended to take the opportunity and book some of the excursions to Morocco from Spain, with morocco travel agency

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Apart from the flights, you can choose to travel to Morocco by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. Thanks to its proximity, there are many companies that organize trips by bus from the South of Spain in cities such as Seville and Malaga to the Maghreb country, making Weekend Getaways, or long trips of up to 9 days. This option is ideal for those who do not want to fly, and come with a lot of luggage and also want to know the region of the Strait of Gibraltar. Since doing the crossing is an experience,

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How many days do you want to do your excursion in morocco starting the spain ? We sure have an option to choose from.

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What to see in Marrakech?

But you have to take into account the spectacular desert of Morocco, and to visit it in conditions you will need at least 4 days from Marrakech, so that the trip is not a beating and you can enjoy a night of magic with great comfort in a full  desert camp.

What to visit Ouarzazate and the desert of Morocco

In addition, you will have the tours organized from the arrival airport. that we also put at your disposal. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport of your arrival so that you can fully enjoy your trip. There are routes of 7, 8 and up to 12 days throughout the country with a Spanish-speaking guide. These trips are done in small groups. from spain

You can also opt for a private tour, where we will be able to provide you with a vehicle with a driver with the capacity to attend according to the number of people, and the tour is previously organized by us according to your requests, that is, organizing the number of days that you have and that I would like to know. It would be a tour to suit you. If this is your best option, fill out the form and tell us a little about your plans, and we will send you a quote.