Visiting Morocco during Ramadan
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Visiting Morocco during Ramadan

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan

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Ramadan is a Muslim celebration where it is forbidden to eat and drink during the hours of sunshine. Ramadan data changes every year. Therefore, it is essential to check before going to Morocco. For 2018, Ramadan will take place from 15 April 2020 to 14 may 2020.


Would you like to visit Morocco during this period? Restaurants are closed, and you can go to public places. Well, it is well known during the day, healthful meals are taken with friends and family to break the fast. The day after the last day of Ramadan, a baroque cello is prepared, and the festivities last until late at night. This is called Eid al-Fitr and is one of the most important observations of the Islamic calendar.


A visit to Eid al Fitr is an excellent idea if you want to discover this critical festival and learn more about the culture and traditions of Morocco. Since Morocco is generally calm during Ramadan, a visit in this period is enjoyable even if you want to avoid the crowd of tourists and visit the main attractions and attractions.


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