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Are you looking for things to do during your holiday in Marrakech, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco? Colorful city markets, upscale restaurants, and supermarkets in the new town invite travelers to explore Marrakech, the mixte of ancient and modern. We will suggest ten things you can enjoy in Marrakech, including the snake charmer in Jemaa El Fna Square, and relax in a Moroccan bath.

the Medina in Marrakech

Tourists flock to Medina when they arrive in Marrakech. During the day you will find snake charmer, local entertainment, henna tattoo artists as well as visit many local shopping venues in Jemaa El Fna Square. At night, the old streets turn into a vibrant entertainment area supplemented by loud music, local dancers, and traditional storytellers. You should try Marrakesh’s favorite food dishes from lambs and couscous with a glass of fresh fruit juice. Every night in Marrakech is different

Take a tour of the old Islamic College at Ben Yussef School

The Ben Youssef Madrasa is one of the most impressive architectural pieces in Marrakech, and it has located in the heart of Medina since the 14th century. Explore more than 100 rooms that were student rooms in this former Islamic college. Visitors can also photograph elaborately decorated prayer halls and a courtyard where thousands of students roam one day.

Explore the historic palace that turned the Marrakesh Museum

Travelers who love a mixture of architecture and history will be able to visit the Marrakesh Museum. It located in the palace of Menbhi – the house of the former Moroccan defense minister – The museum features a collection of Moroccan art and ceramics in the city of Fez. In addition to breathtaking aesthetics woven into every detail, starting from door panels, tile works, and stained glass windows. Take a tour of the magnificent courtyard, palace kitchen and royal bathroom to learn about the luxury of the 19th century

the Koutoubia Mosque

While non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the Koutoubia Mosque, taking a picture of historical monuments is one of the most popular things in Marrakech. The tall architecture is said to concern Marrakech just as crucial as the Eiffel Tower. Watching the Koutoubia mosque lit at night is the perfect time to see the local icon, but photos during the day show it better in its surroundings. Enjoy the 12th-century style of arched arches, and listen to the call to prayer five times daily from the top of the minaret (the lighthouse).

Shop for local spices and souvenirs at the Market and Simarin Market

The Souk and Simarin’s Market, known as the “Souks” of Marrakech, are made up of dozens of shops lined in maze-like alleys. Visitors can find original handicrafts, spices, perfumes, clothes, and accessories, as well as experience the real Moroccan atmosphere. Go for better deals before accepting your first price. Bring cash from the dirham with you, as market merchants only trade in dirhams. The souks located just north of Jamaâ El Fna Square.

Relaxing in Marrakesh baths are things to do when visiting

No trip to Morocco will be complete without a visit to a local hammam. These stylish bathrooms feature hot tubs and a sauna. Many bathrooms offer massages. Most bathrooms are public, and bathing without clothes is common, and women can wear the lower part of the bikini in some of them. Visitors should inquire about the dress code before entering and also bring their towel

Moroccan Riyad

With rooms facing either the interior or the shared patio, Riad is an accessible accommodation in Marrakech. Not only does it provide a quiet and safe place to relax, but it also provides a cultural experience that travelers can only find in Morocco. and guests can be sure that their experience will be filled with a range of colors, traditional taste, and an impressive array of modern amenities.

Explore a recently discovered mausoleum for kings in the Saadian tombs

Visiting graves may not seem like one of the things Marrakech is famous for, but touring the Saadian tombs is a must in Morocco. Cemeteries were discovered in the early nineteenth century, but the contents of the Holy Land dating back to the sixteenth century. Inside the Saadian tombs is the son of the former Sultan, along with about 60 members of the Saadi family. An aerial photographer discovered the shrine in 1917, but until then, the structure made of Italian Carrara marble and elaborate cedarwood had remained intact for centuries.

Discover the best Moroccan dishes for breakfast, dinner, and lunch

Moroccan cuisine is present in every corner of Marrakech, and many people often travel to Morocco to eat. And why shouldn’t they? Morocco has built its reputation by localizing favorite dishes such as Couscous and Tagine, but don’t stop at the most popular dishes. Marrakech is also famous for snails, fish caught in the ocean, lamb chops, and pigeon pie. Try a local restaurant near your Riad or head to Jamaâ El Fna Square after dark to sample the most popular Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech

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